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HydraMouse 3.10

HydraMouse 3.10: Assign actions to the buttons of your mouse, even if it has more than 5 buttons! buttons, combinations of mouse buttons, combinations of keyboard keys and mouse buttons. * You may use several events for each button: Down, Up, Click, and Double-Click. For instance, you may assign different actions to Left+Right_Down and Left+Right_DblClick... * You can assign actions for each application individually, or system wide. * You can assign different actions to different sequences of mouse buttons, e.g., one to Left+Middle and another

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FlashPlayerBest.exe 1.26

left button "projector(.exe)".The form is shown.Select the folder where the flash files located. And select the falsh file.Click the button "Create Projector Executable".The EXE file of the flash is then been created.It is in the same directory.You can execute it without using any other tools.Click the button "Set WallPaper",you can set the frame of the flash to a WallPaper of screen. When "Form of Rectangle" is checked,the shape will be rectangle

best convert, screen saver, player, flash

MouseEasy 1.2.2: MouseEasy can bring you more efficient, save you time.
MouseEasy 1.2.2

MouseEasy allows mouse wheel directly take effect on the non-activated window, which allows you directly browse as you turn the pages, and significantly reduces the times of misclicking (particularly in the Web page); MouseEasy not only can use the "click wheel" to replace "Ctrl + click the left button", but also can easily select multiple of discontinuous list items (especially select multiple documents) in the list windows.

window, wysiwyg, discontinuous, files, left button, ctrl, directly, easy, mouse, non activated, select, wheel

SudokuWorks 1.4: An unlimited supply of puzzles. Nine different grid sizes from 4x4 to 16x16.
SudokuWorks 1.4

An unlimited supply of puzzles. Nine different grid sizes from 4x4 to 16x16. Play with numbers or letters of the alphabet. Seven different background skins, plus change colours to suit your mood. Play against the clock and compete to get in the roll of honour. Five levels of difficulty. Pencil in your working as you go with right mouse button, confirm your choice with the left button.

sudokuworks, suduku game, sudoku

Recent Folders 1.0.1: Remember your recent folders that you can choose it in a list.
Recent Folders 1.0.1

Tired of changing folders from one to another by browsing "My Computer"? Recent Folders can remember which folder you were recently working on. Select your favorite folder from a list just like selecting a file from "My Recent Documents". Features: Remember which folder you recently opened (Click the left button in the folder window and hold down for more than 2 seconds)

folders, recent folders, favorite

YGS Guitar Chords Help System 2011.07.03: This is guitar chord help system. 808 chord tabs in this version.
YGS Guitar Chords Help System 2011.07.03

This is guitar chord help system. 808 chord tabs, 37 chord types, 1122 chord letter-and-numeric names (for example Am) in this version. It is useful for beginners and advanced guitarist. Every note can be sounded with mouse left button click. Author is professional guitarist (since 1980). OS Windows XP/2000/2003.

tabs, guitarist, education, guitar, music, chords, chord

Construction Academy 1.0: Free skill physics balancing building game by
Construction Academy 1.0

Free skill physics balancing building game by Build your own construction by placing blocks one by one in such way that the architecture is stable and not shaky. Move your mouse to the top of the screen to take new figure. To rotate the figure click the mouse left button. There are 20 levels with variety of items. Completely freeware.

balancing, puzzle, physics, online, architecture, free, skill, balance, game, building, logic

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